About us

Australian interiors aim to bring transparency to the interior design industry for both consumers and designers alike. To show the true value trained professionals bring to renovation and decorator projects, while breaking down the barriers preventing consumers from engaging professional help.
Founded by two design professionals. Christine and Rochelle, we are here to help share the ins and outs of the interior design world. The idea evolved from discussions around things we wish our clients knew and the misconceptions created around the design industry thanks to many home improvement and reality TV shows. Sadly these shows never seem to share the full story of what is involved in creating an amazing space…
So if you have ever wondered how much it really costs to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. We are here to give you the honest truth. We plan to share with you real stories, with real budgets, real time lines and even some of the real problems designers face in their design projects.
Likewise if you have ever been confused by which design professional you need to call on to assist you with your design project. We are here to assist consumers in better understanding the difference between Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Property Styling so you know who does what.
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Rochelle Morris