With a brief to transform Cashmere Collection into a ‘uniquely Australian’ space, Ink Interior Architects were tasked to revitalise the once tired store.

As explained by Dana Vuletic from INK. ‘The brand sources the cashmere within Australia and also produces the garments here. There is no overseas manufacturing. This was a great starting point for us and we drew inspiration from the outback origins of the product. Especially in terms of the colour palette and that beautiful dusty texture. The client also asked us to introduce green. But not overpower the vibrant seasonal colours of the sweaters and scarves.’

Cashmere Collection_australian interiors 5

The team were faced with the challenge of ensuring the space appealed to a wider demographic. With a customer range of 25 to 65, INK worked towards a classic contemporary aesthetic. In addition, the store was designed in a way that was confident and graceful, without shouting at customers.

Cashmere Collection_australian interiors 2

The simplicity of the open shelving as explained by Dana is both simple and repetitive. So, attention to detail was critical. ‘We use a combination of timber veneer and polyurethane. Vertical dividers are slim and sleek while horizontal shelves are thicker and stronger in their appearance. We also slightly recess the cupboards as a subtle play on depth to remove that heavy, boxy look.’

In the changing rooms, you see a striking wallpaper that creates a feminine element. Further softened by olive green drapes and oval mirrors. With a surprising combination of white concrete render and rubbed brass for the counter, paired with the velvet curtains and wallpaper, it would be very easy for these elements to dominate the space. Yet, somehow it all works seamlessly and falls softly into the background acting as a neutral backdrop for the lovely cashmere wears, ticking all the right boxes.

Cashmere Collection_australian interiors
Cashmere Collection_australian interiors 3

Styling: Dana Vuletic Photographer: Michael Wee.

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