Enlisting the help of Sarah Nolen of Bird Black Design, the owners of this property had the vision to transform their home into something that was modern and contemporary.

As explained by Sarah. “This was a full home renovation. We stripped the interior out and back. Demolished walls. Put new walls in to redefine the spaces. Our clients have a growing family and absolutely adore entertaining, so creating spaces that were functional for the family on the daily, but were also excellent entertaining spaces was imperative. We also added extra special rooms in Cato Place like a mudroom and a butler’s pantry to assist the family organisation and entertainment desires.”

cato place_australian interiors 6

Using the existing warm tones found in the house, Sarah and her team took inspiration from the Spanish Colonial era.

“Due to the pre-existing warm auburn tones of the timber flooring and terracotta roofing tiles. We continued the terracotta colour theme within the new renovation. The sporadic touches of terracotta not only warmed up the interior, but brought continuity and harmony throughout”.

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When asked about her favourite part of the transformation, Sarah immediately spoke of the master bedroom. Positioned to make a grand statement. The room features a stunning leather bedhead, complemented by the leather handles on the dresser.

Layers of refined materials and textured almost give you a warm hug as you enter the room. While sheer curtains romantically filter the light, adding to the luxe feel of this bedroom.

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Photographer: The Evoke Company

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