Colour from Nature: Green and Blue

Colour from Nature Green and Blue_australian Interiors 4

I’ve always said Mother Nature has the best colour palette. Green and blue is the colour of the forest, herbs, water, flowers, the sky and it’s found in such a variety of shades.

However, when choosing a colour for your interior, green and blue can be tricky. But is it? Really? When asked about incorporating colour in a space, most tend to have the reaction of what about timeless, what if it dates, what if this, what if that. You’re overthinking it. Once you sit back and start looking at nature through a new lens it gets easier.

In Nature

Take a walk around your neighbourhood. Look up at the trees. Look down at the path. Chances are you’re going to find shades of blue and green that seamlessly blend together. Take this pile of leaves, you can see subtle shades of blue and green, but also reds and yellows. There’s your colour palette.

Colour from Nature Green and Blue_australian Interiors

In the Kitchen

Whether it’s a light minty shade or a rich jewel tone, choosing a coloured kitchen adds that punch of drama that every space needs. To help balance your showstopping cabinets create a contrast with sleek white countertops and crisp clean walls.

Colour from Nature Green and Blue_australian Interiors 2

Kitchen by Magnet

In the Bathroom

Blues and greens have been classic colours used in bathrooms for a long time. Again, going back to a connection with nature or in the case of this bathroom from Sally Rhys Jones, the sea. But, keep in mind that with any bold colour it’s important to let the hero of the room, be the hero, so combine your cobalt blue with subtle colours and materials.

Colour from Nature Green and Blue_australian Interiors 3

Bathroom by Sally Rhys Jones

In the Décor

An easy way to begin experimenting with your shades of nature is literally start bringing the outside in with house plants. Alternatively, if you’re the type, like me, that kills plants, you can incorporate beautiful décor. Think about a vibrant green lamp or cushions to give your room that quick confidence boost.

Feature Image: Studio McGee

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