In an industry dominated by an older generation, the design team behind Compass was determined to create something fresh in a small package. 

As explained by Shilpa Mohan of DDC Architecture + Interior Design. “The clients were our main inspiration. They were a young team and incredibly genuine. We wanted to create something they couldn’t have imagined for themselves.” 

Compass fitout_australian interiors 2

Starting with a completely bare shell meant DDC had to design the space from top to bottom.  

“We started off with designing the floor plans and elevations. Then moved onto selecting all the finishes and fixtures and rendering the space in 3D before the build. We had the floor polished, everything painted and new electricals and plumbing put in.” 

Beautiful materials were a key element to the design of this small space. And birch plywood was to be the hero. Because of this each sheet of plywood was hand selected by DDC.  

Compass fitout_australian interiors 5

Plywood was used to create a floor to ceiling feature wall, with custom pigeon holes to add a touch of life through greenery. Additionally, custom, handle-free cabinets were built for the hotdesking area to keep the space clutter free. 

In addition to creating a floor plan that contained an ample number of desks for staff and a meeting room. The team at DDC were also tasked with creating a kitchenette. Continuing the subtle colour palette, the kitchen brings elements from the working space to create excitement. From the open cubbies to the black feature strip in the island, this is a space we’d love to work in. 

Compass fitout_australian interiors 3
Compass fitout_australian interiors 4

Photographer: Lucas Muro

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