Each year since its inception, thousands of interior designers, decorators and architects attend what is now considered the hottest trade event in Australia. Denfair. Year in and year out, Denfair presents the latest new products and trends on offer. Showcasing the best of both local and international brands. Their key focus is around putting forward the work of talented makers and creators, to connect with designers who will then specify their products and create amazing spaces. On the last day, they also open their doors to the general public. So you too can experience the impact good design can make.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much colour there was on display this year as we see a shift away from grey on grey. Even though there were over 70 separate stands full of hundreds of suppliers and brands, there was a very consistent colour palette of greens, burnt reds and oranges,soft nudes, blush and clay colours and of course greys. These colours all beautifully reflect our Australian landscape and I can’t wait to see more people embrace living with colour to bring their homes to life.

Denfair 2019_australian interiors 7
Denfair 2019_australian interiors 4

It seems the de-cluttering movement is also making an impact on design, with many products exhibited having clean, simple lines. Instead,the use of various textures, finishes and attention to detail is where the design is highlighted. The forest green sofa featured below by Nau for Cult Design is the perfect example of these subtle details, with two different Mokum fabrics used to upholster the sofa. Highlighting its gentle curves.

Denfair 2019_australian interiors 2

There was also a big focus on the process of how each product is made and the quality of craftmanship. A standout example of this was the Esteem floor lamp and coffee table by Apparentt. Made out of solid pieces of steam bent timber which is not only aesthetically beautiful, but means less waste and more durable than other construction techniques

Denfair 2019_australian interiors 5

Likewise, the spun aluminium pendant lights and Puffalo sofa by Ross Didier (seen below) have an effortless look, yet they have been years in the making. The attention to detail in creating designs that are balanced, well-constructed and original are at the core of Didier’s approach to design.

Denfair 2019_australian interiors 6

When it comes to lighting, there is a huge trend towards textures, pattern and handmade imperfections. With interiors being stripped back to a more minimalist style, it is nice to see some additional texture being added through lighting and the beautiful shadows they cast. Two examples of this are Klaylife’s latest hand-cast clay pendants and Hermon Hermon’s hand-woven pendants.

Denfair 2019_australian interiors 8
Denfair 2019_australian interiors

While I feel like I have only scratched the surface of all the products that were on display, the top three key themes I felt were consistent through each stand were, the earthy colours, simple shapes and organic textures. If this is the future of design, then I am happy! I’d love to hear what you think of this move away from greys and straight edges?

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