Alix Helps Interiors is a boutique Interior Design Studio offering residential design and decoration services in the Sydney area. Alix has built a successful team of skilled artisans, trades and designers whose skills and knowledge combine to bring about remarkable transformations in renovations. Key to her success, Alix’s background in business has provided her with an appreciation for systems and processes that ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Alix’s love for pattern and colour ensure that each project reflects the client’s personality and tells the unique story of each particular home. Each project is brought to life from initial concept to design management and implementation while clients go about their busy lives. The final reveal being her favourite part. Alix loves nothing more than an expertly made bed (linen being a whole other obsession) and a perfectly plump pillow.

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What questions do you ask clients before working with them?

What’s your budget? Often times there isn’t one. But, I prefer one to be set so that expectations are clear and we can work our butts off to exceed them. How do you live? I want to know every detail about who lives here… how many bods are home most days of the week? Do you have a fur baby? How do you relax? Do you cook? Do you love to entertain? How do you want to feel when you walk through the door?

How do you think Interior Design adds value to a project?

Great design doesn’t happen by chance. When you employ a specialist to assist with a project, you can be confident that your space is going to be meticulously planned and curated by people with experience, contacts and time to achieve the very best results.

What is the one thing you wished your clients knew before you engaged them?

That great design takes time. We frequently source pieces from all over the world to curate a unique interior for our clients. Lead times are a factor. Those beautiful Italian tiles that you’ve set your heart on might take 12 weeks to arrive. That stunning console that will welcome your guests at the front door might encounter some high seas en-route and a strike at the port. We can absolutely control many elements of the design process, but some of it is out of our hands! Don’t rush, plan ahead and give yourself time.

What design myth would you like to bust?

The assumption that using a professional to assist with your interior is ‘expensive’. Think about the value in carefully considered selections that don’t waste your precious budget. The time it takes to achieve this and the skills and knowledge required to make it happen. As a small percentage of the overall project cost, investing in interior design pays dividends for years to come.

What is your design superpower?

The ability to grasp a client’s style and produce a scheme that reflects their personality and lifestyle in such a way that they are joyous and proud of their home at the conclusion of the project. I love that my superpower can change lives. It might not be neuroscience or space travel, but my work allows my clients to fully appreciate the biggest investment they will ever make in their lives. Their home. My client testimonials rate highly amongst my favourite reads!

Where can we find you?

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