Denise Lockhart the Principal of ALL DESIGN CO is an experienced designer. She is committed to creating original and individual interiors of quality that stand the test of time.

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What do you wish the public knew about design?

I wish the public knew the value (sourcing, monetary and aesthetic value) a designer can provide. Design is more than selecting a paint colour. It is understanding space and function, working with colours and finishes to create a harmonious balance that reflects the client’s personality and lifestyle in that space.

For someone thinking about hiring a designer, what advice would you give them?

Be open to work together, be trusting and open to new ideas. As a designer, I endeavour to share my knowledge of design by customising to my client’s taste and lifestyle.

How do you think interior design adds value to a project?

Engaging an interior designer has many benefits. Guiding clients through the process of renovation relieves the stress associated with the building by narrowing down selections. By offering quality products and finishes that are within their budget, opening lines of communication onsite and working to a time schedule. But mostly, one of the most beneficial aspects of interior design is providing clients with a visual design so they can foresee the design work and imagine it in their space. The importance of morphing creative license with clients style is crucial to creating beautiful, functional spaces and happy clients!

What questions do you ask clients before working with them?

Every client is unique so I tailor my questions around each individual client. The basics I start with are related to their lifestyle, prioritise the wish list, time, function and of course budget.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I was going to start with two of my favourites. Meeting new clients and building a relationship with them. Secondly the CAD side of the process. I love designing custom joinery and making it functional and playing with finishes. But then I realised the design process would not be satisfying or complete if I didn’t see the final outcome and all the steps in between!

Where can we find you?

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