Designer Q&A with Jennifer French

designer q&a jennifer french australian interiors

Jennifer French MDIA is the Principal Interior Designer and Colour Consultant of Inside Out Colour and Design and established the business in 2004 after enhancing her personal experience with formal colour and design qualifications. Jennifer has a unique eye for colour schemes and works with her clients to define a palette and style that balances family and lifestyle needs with their personality and individual taste. The results are welcoming living and working spaces that skillfully combine colour, textures, fabric and furnishings. 

What questions do you ask clients before working with them? 

Why they are changing their space? How would they like the space to feel? Who will use the space and when (night time / day time)? Favourite colour and colours they dislike.

What is the one thing you wish your clients knew before you engaged them? 

It takes time to create a space you love and it should. Anyone can walk into a showroom, buy everything on display and transfer it to their own home. Collected spaces are much more interesting and tell your story.  The virtual reality shows are not completed in the timeframe they say and they have an army of professionals working behind the scenes often without their charges being calculated into the room costs. Don’t rush a renovation or makeover. 

What is your favourite part of the design process? 

Putting the client’s personality into their space. Whether that be fun, quirky or conservative, it doesn’t matter but the space must reflect the inhabitants.

What do you consider before starting a design project? 

The client’s expectations are always considered and if they are not realistic then we need to discuss what can and can’t be achieved. This applies to time frame, budget and requirements.

What is your design superpower? 

Colour. I love colour and love putting schemes together where everything works harmoniously. Whether that be paint for the exterior of the home or a master bedroom makeover incorporating, bedding, fabrics, floorcoverings, lighting, wallpaper and paint. Colour evokes so much emotion so it has to be right.

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