Designer Q&A with Jess Viscarde

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Jessica Viscarde is the owner and Creative Director of Melbourne based Interior Design and Decoration business, Eclectic Creative – known for charming, layered and personality-filled interiors. Jess likes to bring a holistic approach to every design brief thanks to her diverse background in Industrial, Graphic and Interior Design.

With a keen eye for colour and detail, coupled with a down to earth and collaborative approach, Eclectic Creative has been assisting clients and builders since 2013. Texan born, with a mixed family heritage (Danish-Australian, American-Italian), Jess has been exposed to a diverse fusion of colourful cultures from an early age, having grown up in South East Asia and traveling extensively. Jess wholeheartedly believes this has formed her unique and eclectic interior style and ability to incorporate colour, layers, texture and pattern.

Jess is passionate about living a uniquely eclectic and layered life as well as supporting the local Australian design community and enjoys bringing this outlook to all of her projects mixing family heirlooms and vintage pieces with the more contemporary and locally made products.

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For someone thinking about hiring a designer, what advice would you give them?

Have a good look at their website, projects, social media such as instagram and watch their stories. Its important you resonate with a designer, like their work and approach and overall style. For instance at Eclectic Creative we specialise in charming, eclectic, layered and old meets new interiors. We don’t necessarily do cookie-cutter “Hampton’s”. Sure we can put an eclectic spin on it, but we’re not the right fit if you want this style, and that’s OK. We also enjoy a collaborative journey. We aren’t they type that likes to come in and take over. Its important to get a feel for this as every design studio is different!

How do you think interior design adds value to a project?

When you hire an Interior Designer, firstly you need to resonate with their projects, style and approach so you ultimately trust their advice and suggestions. A main reason for hiring a professional designer is you are going to have access to a trusted network of suppliers, trades, local businesses and knowledge in areas you are unfamiliar with. You also will get suggestions and design direction you wouldn’t have considered or thought of and the support and guidance on projects. Good interior designers tend to make the process look easy! We are basically creative problem solvers, tend to be the middle person and who are really good at communication. The ultimate goal is to deliver a beautiful project for our clients and be their support.

What questions do you ask clients before working with them?

I believe the design journey is quite a personal and collaborative one, so I always want to ensure prospective clients are familiar with our approach and have looked at our website and instagram to get a good sense for the projects we create. It is important we are on the same page from day one, it makes for a really great collaboration and design journey. I always like to discuss things like rough budgets, timelines and expectations. Clear communication is integral to a good working relationship.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

The Concept and Research stage and creating material and mood boards that encapsulate both the brief and our clients. The early stages of dreaming up designs and ideas that not only answers the brief, but goes beyond to deliver spaces that not only function for their lifestyle but speak to them on a really personal level. Sourcing textiles, materials and getting to know our clients story. We really enjoy the journey.

What is your design superpower?

Being an intuitive and imaginative person, I really like to get to know my clients and deliver looks and styles that speak to them, yet have all the hall marks of the Eclectic Creative style….warm, charming and layered personality filled interiors… Hence, why it’s so important to me we are on the same page from day one as its quite a personal collaboration of sorts. I also love putting colour and material schemes together, I’ve been told thats my superpower!

Where can we find you?

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