Designer Q&A with Michelle Broussard

designer q&a michelle broussard australian interiors

Helmed by esteemed interior designer Michelle Broussard, Colour Confidence Interiors have been creating award-winning interiors in residential homes and commercial spaces for over twenty years. Michelle has a B.A. in Interior Design as well as a B.Ed. in Fine Arts. She is also a proud member of numerous industry groups including the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute, Melbourne Designers Group and Business of Design Melbourne Chapter Advocate. With a varied portfolio of work across a range of fields of design, Michelle is also an artist and regularly exhibits her handcrafted silver pieces and unique paintings.

designer q&a michelle broussard bathroom australian interiors

How do you think Interior Design adds value to a project?

A professional and experienced Interior Designer will think of things that a regular client will not and probably that a Builder or even an Architect will not – solutions to your spaces which may add value, style and/or functional solutions. You do not get someone who makes a car to design it – it needs a different mind set and skill set. We also have specialised knowledge and access to a wide range of products and materials for your home that other trades or Professionals most likely will not.

What Design myth would you like to bust?

That it (interior design) is a ‘hobby’, not a professional career. That anyone who has renovated their own home can do it. That anyone with an ABN can do it and that we (designers) want to spend all their money if they tell us their true budget.

What is the one thing you wish your clients knew before you engaged them?

That we charge for our time! That we do not do miracles. Things take time.

We do not know EVERYTHING. They are important but we also have other clients and commitments. That we are honest and hard-working and want the best outcome for them and their homes. That they need to be honest with us in order to get the best outcome.

What is your favorite part of the Design process?

The messy part in the middle. Getting goose-bumps when you know a selection is spot on.

What is your design superpower?

I am very good with building/construction knowledge and custom designed furniture and cabinetry. I love designing kitchens as they can make such a big impact on people’s lives. I also find it very easy to make External selections but find it a bit boring. I am a research junkie and a bit OCD…

Where can we find you?

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