Prior to establishing Inspired Spaces, Robyn Hawke was a high school teacher, teaching design. In 2002 Robyn went back to full-time study to become a fully qualified interior designer.

“From this time on, I have never felt so fulfilled in a career. Everyday does not feel like work and I am amazed how content I am, every day, doing something I love.”

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Tell us about one of your favourite projects

A three-storey new build where we were not constrained by a budget. It was a completely blank canvas with the footprint laid down by the architect. Inspired Spaces designed the entire interior layout on all floors, everything from the magnificent staircase, commissioning an artist to create custom-designed balustrades from metal, to all the little details such as drawer inserts, wardrobe layouts. We also selected all finishes, furnishings and lighting.

What do you wish the public knew about design?

That an interior designer is a necessity not a luxury. A well planned space not only looks amazing but affects everyone on both an emotional and physical level.

What design myth would you like to bust?

That I do more than “toss” cushions and walk around saying “darl”.

Who inspires you?

My severely disabled daughter and the way she looks at the world, she sees another layer that most of us do not know exists. If she can smile and laugh and create a fantasy world despite her disability, then the least I can do is grab every day with both hands and rejoice in it.

Where can we find you?

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