Designer Q&A with Vivian Panagos

Vivian Panagos designer q&a australian interiors

With a growing clientele across Australia, Vivian works on both residential and commercial projects with a keen eye for fresh, contemporary interiors that bring to life her client’s vision and meet their needs. For her, it’s about ensuring the interior functions well, while layering colour, pattern, texture and light to create warm and welcoming spaces.

Vivian Panagos designer q&a australian interiors 2

For someone thinking about hiring a designer, what advice would you give them? 

Try to find a designer who ‘speaks your language’. Do they connect with you and your vision? Do they understand what you hope to achieve? Have they worked on similar projects? What value add can your designer offer? Ask as many questions as you can possibly think of during your initial consultation. We don’t mind answering!

What design myth would you like to bust?

Despite how easy it looks on TV, you can’t design & renovate a beautiful bathroom in one weekend! A well executed bathroom involves a process: We start with developing a concept to help guide the direction of the project before preparing detailed plans and samples for you to review and approve. We then place orders and while we wait for items to arrive, we plan the detail of the execution of the renovation. Once all the items arrive we can then execute the renovation works. It takes time and patience but it is a proven process and you are a part of the journey the whole way, making final decisions for your new space.

What questions do you ask clients before working with them?

I want to know as much about my clients as I can, and so I usually spend our first phone conversation or meeting asking lots of questions about them and their family. During our first meeting, we will walk through their home or discuss their plans if it is a new build and I will always ask about their budget. Many people find it hard to put a figure down, and I will often help with the breakdown of costs to help them set a realistic budget for their project.

What is the one thing you wish your clients knew before you engaged them?

Engaging me means having someone on your team and someone you can talk to while going through the renovation ups and downs. I’ve seen (just about) everything, and can lend a reassuring or understanding ear. I’m here to help however I can and my aim is to help you create the home you have always dreamed of having.

What do you consider before starting a design project?

Along with understanding my clients wish list and needs, I also consider where the home is located – is it in a leafy suburb, by the coast, what views does the property offer, what is the lighting like, and what makes this home unique. This allows me to draw on the very best the property has to offer and help to make these features shine.

Where can we find you?

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