Georgia Draws A House is a project that celebrates the little (and big!) places and spaces in your life in an adorable hand-drawn kinda way.

Graphic Designer, Georgia Lodge had been drawing houses for her family and friends for a few years, when one day “things went banana”. It all began when she decided on draw a large version of her parents house – on the side of it.

Located in the trendy inner city suburb of Annandale, it wasn’t long until a Domain journalist saw the work and published it.

“My phone blew up for days. Then, that Sunday when I was at my folk’s house for coffee my Dad came to me holding out a newspaper and said “Georgie have you seen this?!”. There was a full page spread with me, my mural and lots of my little house drawings all over it. The orders went through the roof. So, I quit my job that Monday.”

Georgia Draws a House_australian interiors 3

However, there’s more to Georgia than drawing cute little houses all day. As she explained to us, branding and design is her second love. So, is currently building a new agency, Soft Launch.

“In my ideal world, I’ll have my own studio space. It will be designed by my lovely friend at Studio Elliot (branded by me). In that space will be a couple of young designers creating beautiful work for Soft Launch. I’ll also have a wonderful Social Media manager to take over Georgia Draws A House. That way I can spend more time drawing and doing community workshops. The studio is going to be a cute little shopfront attached to my first house. And my doggo may have a new friend too.”

So apart from little houses and dreams, there are some exciting developments coming for Georgia. Including a collaboration with Belle Property in Annandale.

“Think large scale, hand drawn window art!” explained Georgia. “And my sister, Zoë Norton Lodge, and I are working on the third book in our kids book series, Elizabella & The Haunting of Lizard Lake.”

Georgia Draws a House_australian interiors 2

Like many creatives (myself included), everyday is different for Georgia. Of course, it starts with drawing a little house. But I think my favourite thing about Georgia is her sense of community.

“I spend the last part of my day on branding work (not before my second coffee obviously!). All before I wander to the local post office to pop the days house-portraits in the mail. It’s my favourite part of the day, talking to the people in the local post offices. There are some amazing characters in there!”

To get to know Georgia and her drawings a bit more:

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