Having a baby is an exciting experience. Having a second baby is crazy madness exciting. I’m a mother of three, so I know, a toddler and a newborn, gah!

However, when Belinda Nihill’s client was expecting her second bundle, it was time to get to work. Having been involved in the design of baby number one’s bedroom. Belinda was brought on board to create another stylish nursery.

Gingham and Leather for Spencer_australian interiors 3
Gingham and Leather for Spencer_australian interiors 4

“My clients loved a previous nursery I had created, which used a bold navy grasscloth. They loved the drama and contrast it created so we used that as the starting point.”

The navy gingham wallpaper acted as the main inspiration for the room, creating a graphic backdrop for the addition of organic and natural materials. Including leather detailing, natural toned timbers and stone.

Gingham and Leather for Spencer_australian interiors 2
Gingham and Leather for Spencer_australian interiors 5

The corner leather armchair, essential for any nursery during those late nights and early mornings, ads to the masculinity of the room. While the soft curves armchair and curtains provide a gentle contrast, giving mum a comfortable and peaceful resting place.

“My client was due at Christmas time. So, making sure we had everything for install was touch and go. As with any renovation, especially around that time of year, things can take a turn. In the end, our wallpaper was delayed from the supplier. But, it arrived the same day I did for install, so we set everything up except the wallpaper and had that done shortly after.”

Regardless of the delays, the result is one that Belinda’s client loves as much as the first room.

Photographer: Kate Monotti Photography

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