Hole in the Wall Vegas Chapel in Melbourne

Hole in the Wall Vegas Chapel in Melbourne_australian interiors

The Good Day Club completed the design for The Altar Electric. The team wanted to create a permanent home for their roving Vegas-style wedding chapel, located in a warehouse venue in Collingwood.

What inspired The Alter Eclectic?

The owners wanted part Vegas wedding chapel, part Mick Jagger era rock n roll, part glitz and glam. Using their existing brand identity, we built on that to create a space that suited their ethos, and that was unlike anything else in Australia. A rocking space for couples who are rad, fun and quirky. 

Hole in the Wall Vegas Chapel in Melbourne_australian interiors 2

Who has been your most memorial couple?

Leaning into our event design, styling, graphic design and vintage furniture hire niche as much as we have has meant that the couples we attract are always a fantastic fit. We adore them and get attached to pretty much all of them. Honestly, sitting here thinking about our couples, I have so many that were ace, and I feel terrifically lucky for that. One of our couples, Em and Nick, had their favourite saying all through their wedding design; “I like your face loser”. It was projected behind the bar, as decals on a ping pong table, on the bride’s leather jacket and throughout their graphic design elements. 

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Any celeb weddings yet?

Yes! We furnished the wedding of US folk star Allen Stone and his super lovely wife Tara Stone. After their wedding, Allen used some of their wedding props on his next tour which was an excellent touch.

What inspires you?

Literally everything. I’ve been soaking up life through my eyeholes since I can remember. Creating stuff, ‘prettying things up’ as I used to call it when I was a kid and just seeing things for more than their face value. I love seeing something as I’m walking in my neighbourhood, or driving to the industrial area where our warehouse is or playing with my 4 year old that I can see an alternate use for or that I can use in design. I also dream designs quite often. Some of them are awful and some I have made happen in real life. I like these types of dreams, they are nice. 

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What does an average day look like for you?

It’s usually an exciting mix of emails, admin, customer service and designing events. Often, there’s some hard labour thrown in via packing the truck full of vintage treasures, or setting up and styling an event. Yesterday for instance, we lugged furniture to a rooftop in Melbourne city for a styled wedding shoot amongst the rejuvenated early 70s Airstream caravans of Melbourne’s Notel. The week before, we drove three hours to the Otways to an Alpaca farm to help two gorgeous women elope for a Dark Mofo vibes wedding. So you might say it’s extremely varied!

What does the next 5 years look like?

We’ve grown quite quickly over the past three years, adding event design and styling, graphic design, workshops, creative headshot days and merch. So, the next year or so is all about consolidation of these services, as well as continued creative growth. Pushing ourselves further with the designs we create and execute while also providing top notch customer service. Honestly, five years is SO LONG, especially in business years, so it’s quite a hard question to answer. I do know that my preferred and happiest place is moving forward, taking on challenges and being unconcerned about the usual design constraints to create unexpected, super personal weddings and events that people are blown away by. Meaningful is the new black. I just made that up. That is all. 

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