How to choose the right designer?

If you have been thinking about working with a designer, there are a lot of things to consider in order to find the best fit for you. Selecting a designer that aligns with your own style is by far the easiest way to ensure you will get the desired outcome. But how do you find one? And how do you know they will create the space you have been dreaming of? Here are a few tips to help get you started.

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Start your search

There are now countless websites and platforms you can find an interior designer, including right here on Australian interiors. The traditional Google search will help you find designers that work in your area as a good starting point. But don’t forget to also take note of the interiors you view throughout the day, either in magazines, online or in person. When you spot an interior you love the look of, take the time to find out who created it. The designer that just fit out your new favourite café, may also offer residential design. Also be sure to ask your friends, family, and workplace/network. A strong recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague is extremely valuable.

Follow your shortlist

Now that you have come up with a list of designers from your search, follow them on social media. Take some time to see the work that they share. Consider whether their style and values align with your own? Do you look at their work and wish your home looked like that? That’s probably a good sign you should look further into how to make it a reality. Often by following along on social media you will also get a bit of an idea of behind-the-scenes that you may not find on their website or LinkedIn profile.

Research your options

With so many avenues, there is plenty of opportunity for you to really research your preferred designer. So make sure you take advantage! Find out if they are a qualified designer, where did they study and how many years’ experience they have? Currently, the interior design industry is not licensed, meaning anyone can call themselves an interior designer, while some will also claim they are qualified after completing a short 6-week course. It’s also a good idea to see if they are a member of any professional institute such as the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) or KBDi (Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute). While these are not necessarily a must-have to be a good designer, to become a member of these groups there are set standards that need to be met.

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List your requirements and wishes

You’ve done all your research now to track down your ideal designer, but what are you needing from them? Be prepared, there will be a lot of upfront questions that a designer wants to know before they can commit to working with you. Take some time to consider your wish list, budget and timeline – and how flexible you can be on each of these.

Connect and commit

And finally, if your chosen designer ticks all your boxes, then it’s time to connect and commit! If you have done your research and found a designer that aligns with your own personal style, then that will make the process so much easier. Keep in mind this person is going to be helping you with one of your biggest assets, and someone you are going to work with for quite some time, so you want to get the right person. Trust your gut in selecting, then sit back and take their expertise on board.

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