How to Decorate Around the TV


Hands up who watched a Netflix marathon this weekend? As we start moving into the cooler months the TV tends to get a work out. The truth is we shouldn’t feel guilty, winter time is a time for slowing down. That means having a bit more me time and watching TV while being cocooned on the lounge.

Statistics show we spend roughly 4 hours a day watching TV, so why shouldn’t we extend our design aesthetics to the entertainment units that hold our TV. From a designer point of view, we hate making the TV the focal point of the room but there are some clever ways to work around this. Here are a few things you can do within the lounge area to have your TV setup in a practical way, yet still emphasise your creativity and personality.

Firstly before any TV unit purchases, make sure you have taken some time to work out the best configuration of the space, not only the positioning of the TV, but the distance from the TV to the sofa. Also consider space for side tables, possibly a coffee table (if you have the room) that will not only add a design aspect but should be functional too.

Choose a stylish yet functional TV unit that can define the space and set the tone of your lounge room. You need to choose the right size entertainment unit to suit the size of your TV (even if your wall mounting the TV). Look at the scale of the entertainment unit compared to the size of your TV and the negative space around the TV. This negative space you can use for open shelving or artwork.

For larger Lounge rooms: Built in cabinetry

If you have a larger room and doing a renovation with more of a budget, I would suggest custom cabinetry surrounding your TV. This gives you more storage concealed and open shelving for styling and injecting your personality and showing off treasured pieces. Going custom also gives you a wide variety of finishes to choose from timbers, veneers, laminates and more flexibility to integrate the finishes to match in with the whole aesthetic of your home style.


Featured Image: Wall hung TV with built in shelving niche
Interiors: WE DESIGN Zhongxi Design Office. Architects: Li Wei Architects + Shanghai Yuejie Architectural Design.

Built in cabinetry around TV. Via Emily Henderson Design blog, interior by Samantha Gluck


Concealing the TV using cabinetry can also work. This apartment in New York uses a sliding panel to hide the TV niche when not in use


Another idea to conceal the overall impact of your TV is to paint the back wall black or use black or charcoal built in cabinetry. The below image via Haelcyon Interiors was for a small bachelor’s apartment. Interiors: Haelcyon Days

For smaller lounge rooms and Renter’s

If you have a smaller space, look for a streamlined low profile entertainment unit. Think about how you’re going to decorate and style the space and wall around the TV, think gallery wall, artwork, open shelves, baskets and plants.


Surround artwork pieces around your TV console unit. Interior: Driven by décor


Wall gallery prints behind TV unit.

I hope this has given you a starting point and some ideas how to decorate around your TV. Whether you may have a larger budget for built in cabinetry or a smaller room and just need an entertainment unit. So start getting your lounge room all ready for the Netflix watching marathon, in style.

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