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Considering we spend close to a third of our lives in bed, it’s surprising that the bedroom is often one of the last spaces of the home that people invest their money in. Bedrooms become the place where many of us update bits and pieces sporadically with no second thoughts to updating as a whole. You may occasionally buy new sheets, especially if prompted by a great sale as you wander through the shops, or change the occasional cushion or throw with the seasons. But when was the last time you gave any thought to your bedroom as a whole?

Quite often when helping client’s with bedrooms, they initially say they bought their bed 10 years ago… yet when they think a little further they realise it was 15 or even 20 years ago when they first moved into the house! The next thing that surprises people is how quickly the budget they’ve plucked from the air disappears when it comes to setting up a bedroom, or how much things actually cost when they start to look around.

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So, here is a list of tips to help you set a REALISTIC budget to turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve!

Consider your ideal quality

Now I say this as the very first thing you need to consider, because if you are wanting to go all out with a luxurious hotel vibe and upholstered walls etc, then your ‘beer’ budget just isn’t going to cut it… But if you are not wanting to overspend because you are living in a rental or planning to move in the near future, then there are some great ways to update with a minimal outlay.

When considering the level of quality that you want and wish to have in your room, simply think about your favourite furniture stores. Are you wanting high-end, budget or mid-range? This is just a starting point, it does not mean everything you buy will need to fit in your chosen category. For example, you may go with mostly high-end for most of the furniture items, but not want to spend thousands on the sheets, or vice versa may go with budget furniture to update in a couple of years, but opt for luxurious sheets that feel amazing to climb under each night.

Write out your wishlist

What items do you need to update in your bedroom? A new bed? Don’t forget the mattress, and make sure you itemise 2 x sheet sets and quilt covers so that you always have something to alternate with when the other is in the wash. Do you want to amp it up a little with a fabulous wallpaper? Will the wallpaper be on one wall or all walls? Will you be adding pendant lights or just new side lamps? Consider all of the furniture and decorator items you would love to have in your room and list as much as you possibly can. Lastly, don’t forget to add on the window treatments, you may want or need block out curtains or blinds so you have a completely dark room when you sleep, so make sure they are added to your list!

Guesstimate the prices

Now that you have your ideal quality and wishlist, it is time to start guesstimating… This is not as hard as it may sound – you know your favourite furniture stores, now check them out online to find approximate prices for all of the items you have listed. This may sound boring and tedious, but in doing this you will quickly get a much more accurate budget for your room.

Then add on extra for delivery fees, any trades (remember you said you wanted pendant lights and wallpaper?) and contingency for unexpected expenses.

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Now get planning….

So hopefully you are still with me here, and have not fallen over backwards after seeing the final sum… Just keep in mind there are many ways to bring this figure down, but it will mean a little compromise on your wishlist because as much as you may hope, tradies will not work for a slab of beer.

A couple of things to consider if you are wanting to pull in the budget… Do you really need a King bed? Just remember in going with a King bed, this also increases the cost of your linen. Ideally, I always go a size up for the quilt cover so it drapes nicely over the bed. Simple side tables can also be a great affordable alternative to bedsides with drawers to give you a fresh look without spending too much.

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Now on the other hand, instead of trying to shave money off the budget, consider how important it is to have a good night sleep. I would always recommend investing in the best quality mattress you can afford, your back is worth it. Also, have a think about how often you have ever updated your room? Considering how long we keep bedroom furniture before deciding to upgrade, it really is not a lot of money broken down over the years. And lastly, do something for you! You work hard, you like nice things, so why not invest in your own personal space as a little well deserved luxury?

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