Lightfoot’s World of Handmade Ceramics

Lighfoot's World of Handmade Ceramics_australian interiors

Erin Lightfoot is the creative mind behind her range of handmade jewellery and decorative homewares. A strong believer in function over form, Erin places enormous value on the designs she creates. As well as the selection of materials and quality of the craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from design eras of the past, Erin explained. “I love to look at interiors and objects. Italian tiles inspired this collection (SS19). I looked at brick and porcelain tile patterns in hundred-year-old walls and floors. Brick and porcelain both age beautifully, adding texture to the already beautiful terracotta.”

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Erin’s work was recently acknowledged by the Creative3 Awards. An institution that celebrates the creative trailblazers and rising stars who are leveraging creativity and technology to innovate.

“I was breastfeeding my 8 month old when I found out.” Explained Erin. “I was absolutely delighted. Running a production studio means I am usually pretty head down deep in my own world. I was chuffed to have been nominated but of course, being a finalist is better! It is great recognition of what we are doing.”

However, Erin didn’t begin her journey in ceramics. Trained as a fashion designer, Erin explained that this had started as a passion project while searching for a material that lent itself to surface decoration.

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In comes her first range of porcelain bangles in 2011, picked up and featured in Australian Vogue. Since then, her range has expanded to focus on making original creations that are classic and very wearable.

Next for Erin is an expansion to making larger items. And as for fashion, “Down the line, I may do something with textiles again. But, we still have plenty keeping us busy in the studio for now!” says Erin.

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