Once an old toy shop in Brunswick, Melbourne, is now unrecognisable as Lobbs Café. Designed and built by the team at Techne, Lobbs is defined by pastel hues and an abundance of greenery. And the result, a place with a sense of serenity. 

“We wanted Lobbs to be comfortable and approachable so it could easily become people’s local café. Said Justin Northrop, director of Techne. “The brief was to create an open, light-filled and inviting space which celebrated the existing conditions of the building. We have used a series of calming colours for the interiors allowing the materiality within the space to accentuate the muted palette.” 

Easy to spot, the use of colour on the exterior and alfresco dining welcomes people in. A community notice board sits in the entrance and local personalities’ portraits grace the walls, showing that Lobbs is a destination made for and inspired for the locals. 

Benches provide the main source of seating, encouraging people to sit together. As explained by Justin. “This also created natural dividers in the dining space without overpowering it. While corrugated sheeting on the open kitchen accentuates and separates the space.

The menu is just as vibrant and in the words of Matt Sahely, co-owner of Lobbs. “It’s light, bright, colourful and tasty. “It’s not made for Instagram, it’s made to taste good.”  

Photographer: Tom Blachford

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