Make an Entrance: Decorating your Entryway

Make an Entrance Decorating your Entryway_australian interiors 2

When decorating an entrance, there are two main things to consider. Function – 1. how the space is used, and 2. scale – the size and proportion of the room.

To define how the space is used, you may consider if this is the best location for kids to leave their bags and shoes? Will this be where you keep keys, phones and umbrellas for easy access? Rather than fight the clutter, the solution is to find a way to store and organise it.

Is the space naturally confined or does the front door open into a larger open space? If open, you may choose to create a designated entry zone with the use of shelving or a room divider.

As for size and proportion, if you’ve got a small space, you may not be able to squeeze in that bench seat that will hide the kid’s shoes inside. But, a narrow console with drawers for keys and phones or coat hooks will do the trick.

Wider spaces may allow for built-in solutions like cloak cupboards, a bench seat or that antique hall stand you’ve had your eye on.

Make an Entrance Decorating your Entryway_australian interiors

Entrance by Sarah Jayne Studios

It’s also important to consider the vertical space. If you’ve got a high ceiling, a feature pendant will draw the eye up. If stairs form part of the entry, the balustrade and treads are a great way to provide a glimpse of what lies beyond.

Consider hard wearing flooring for your entrance, particularly if you’re coming straight in from the street. A hall rug or runner is perfect for warming up a tiled entry or adding some colour and pattern to invite you further into the home.

A mirror is not only fabulous for a quick check as you race out the door. But, also helps to open up a narrow space. Adding personal touches like framed kids drawings or your favourite prints creates a warm and welcoming entry and allows you to set the tone for the rest of your home.

The same rules apply for a commercial entrance. The person entering should feel welcome and comfortable in the space and it be very clear where they are to go next.

Feature Image: Entrance by Alix Helps Interiors

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