Northern Beaches Home that Shunned the “Cliched Coastal” Style

Northern Beaches Home that Shunned the Cliched Coastal Style_australian interiors 2

In the client’s words, they wanted “to add soul” to their home. But, above all, they didn’t want the home to feel “cliched coastal”, like so many other homes in the area. Instead, they wanted the home to reflect their love of the Australian bush.

Designer Alexandra Gourlay of Vellum Interiors was brought into the project after the owners had completed a renovation of their forever home.

“Three years since they began the process, they felt decision-weary and lacked confidence in their ability to complete the home to the level they envisioned. I became involved to help them decorate throughout. As well as adding joinery and lighting to compliment the unique and colourful style the clients had renovated in.”

As explained by Alex, her main inspiration during the design process was the client’s incredible art collection. Many of which included pieces from Indigenous and Australian artists.

Like any project, there can be challenges along the way and this was no exception.

“Initially, it was a challenge to integrate my ideas into the existing renovation. Typically I will work on a project and have complete creative control over the space from start to finish. To combat this, I spent time really getting to know the clients. Their style preferences and their lifestyle, so I could design spaces that worked seamlessly with what they’d created already.

Additionally, having open-plan spaces, both inside and out, one challenge was to maintain the feeling of openness, while also having separate, defined areas. This was particularly important given that there are 6 family members. Including children ranging in age from 8 to 21, who all have different past times and lifestyles.

And when asked about her favourite aspect of the project, Alex said. “There are too many to choose from!”. Me to Alex, me too.

Photographer: Pablo Veiga

Styling: Alex Gourlay in collaboration with Madison-Rose Gillespie

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