It’s no secret that nature is an important part of our existence. Some crave nothing more than a walk in the sand. A swim in the ocean. A trek through the wilderness. Or the view from a mountain top to lift our spirits. We revel in the details of nature and marvel at the expanses around us. We are fascinated by buildings and cities and people from all walks of life. 

But what does that have to do with interior design? Well, why wouldn’t you want to recreate this sense of escapism within your home or workspace to maintain that sense of wonder in everyday life? Designers may introduce a wallpaper of a forest or the beach or decorate with plants and floral arrangements. 

Photography in Interiors_australian interiors 4

Interior by Pia Franceca.

But, if you can barely look after yourself, let alone a house plant (if you’re a brown thumb like me…!) or the thought of wallpaper feels too overwhelming for you. Then photography is a great option. The possibilities are endless and can be as individual as you. 

Whether you’re remembering that trip to Uluru or the view from the top of snow-capped mountains or your favorite ocean escape or that trip to New York. Having these images in your own space can take you back there in an instant.  

Photography in Interiors_australian interiors 3

Gallery wall by Justine Hugh-Jones

Photography in Interiors_australian interiors 4

Interior by Karan Tabak interiors

If a client has a passion for photography, there’s nothing more personal than displaying their own pieces in their own space. I’ve had clients who love photographing everything from African animals to the gorgeous shores of Rottnest. Another client loved diving and wanted to feature underwater photographs. Another wanted to focus on the beauty of Western Australia. 

Even if you haven’t seen extraordinary places yourself, just having photographs around you can give you a sense of wonder and escape.  

Feature Image: Ego Squared

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