The rejuvenation of a dated apartment by Pure Creative Group centred around a more modern, functional space. One that allowed as much natural light to flow through as possible. The brief for the project was one that providing playful spaces for entertaining that were easy to maintain. As well as having a dedicated focus on storage for the downsizing client.

Regency Hyde Park_australian interiors 5
Regency Hyde Park_australian interiors

“Macro ideas influenced our approach.” Explained Kay San Jose. “Including population density increases and flow-on pressure for our personal space both physically and mentally. In response to this we created openness in the space that oversees the stunning Hyde Park views. Bringing you in touch with nature. As well as that, the soft tones and innovative joinery ideas relief and create space for recuperation and escape.”

The design and renovation consisted of a complete overall of the 90’s apartment. However, being an apartment, were limited to being unable to move drainage. PCG organised the spaces in an open-plan arrangement. Starting by relocating the laundry behind the kitchen and cleverly combining it with the pantry for both space saving and functionality, provided the the client with a ‘back of house’ area when entertaining.

Regency Hyde Park_australian interiors 3
Regency Hyde Park_australian interiors 2

The relocation of the laundry enabled the creation of an intimate entertaining nook. Perfect for a welcome drink or a cosy reading space! 

The balance of the space was then transformed with the functional, show-piece kitchen, with the added benefit of fabulous views of Hyde Park and beyond.

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