Selecting the Perfect Rug for Your Space

Selecting the perfect rug for your space_australian interiors

Adding a rug to your room can be likened to a double edged sword because when done correctly a rug adds the perfect finishing touch, but if done incorrectly it can turn your space into a design disaster, so it’s very important that you get it right the first time. The 3 main elements you want to keep in mind when selecting a rug are size, colour, texture and traffic.


The size of the rug is very important. A rug which is too small will look disproportionate to the room, where as a large rug just simply won’t fit. The size of the rug must also be considered if you are wanting to define the space, for example if your home or office is open plan, placing a perfectly sized rug can help define the living room from the dining room, giving the space clear guidance while still maintaining that open flow.

Selecting the perfect rug for your space_australian interiors 3

Quay West Penthouse By Ioanna Lennox


The colour of the rug you select needs to be considered against everything else in the room, from the floors, to the walls, to the other furniture, because while you may have fallen in love with that hot pink rug you saw on the telly a few months back, if it doesn’t work with what you already have it will end up looking like a hot mess. What I urge you to keep in mind, and my general rule when designing with rugs is “statement rug or statement furniture”, not both, or in Neal Whitaker’s words “only ever have one hero piece in a room”.

Selecting the perfect rug for your space_australian interiors 2

Neutral Bay House by Adam Scougall

Texture and Traffic

When selecting your new rug always, always consider whether the area is high traffic or not, as this will make a difference to what texture you should be getting. Rug textures range from low pile and flat weave which are perfect for high or low traffic areas, to shag and high pile which are for low traffic areas only, as the last thing you want is to put a shag/long wool rug in an entrance way only for your beautiful new rug to begin to show signs of being flattened and squashed after a few months of heavy foot traffic.

If you would like some advice or help in selecting a perfect rug contact one of the amazing designers in our directory and arrange a consultation.

Feature image: Malachite by Greg Natale

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