What Not to do in a Renovation

What not to do in a Renovation_australian interiors 2

So, you’ve decided to renovate. But, before you get too excited with Pinterest boards, you’ve got to put on your big girl panties, set a budget and use that thing between your ears.

Whether you’re wanting to do a total gut renovation or only decorating to make your house a home, planning is key. Overwise you could fall prey to some common renovation no-nos.

Assuming DIY will save you money

You are not a plasterer, or a plumber, or an electrician. Well, maybe you are, but most are not. So, unless you are an expert tradie, any job you plan to undertake will likely take three times as long. Plus, you will likely end up with a substandard finish that can, in fact, devalue your property.

Starting without a plan

You are about a spend a large chunk of money. So, it makes sense that you want to end up with the best layout for you and your family. This is where an interior designer comes in handy. Designers can offer you ideas you may not have thought of. We can pinpoint your personal style. We have access to a little black book of trades and suppliers, and we are your advocate to achieve the best result for you.

What not to do in a Renovation_australian interiors 3

Sketch by Moody Aesthetic Interiors

In addition to that, an interior designer is not just a professional that ‘fluffs’ and makes things look pretty. We are formally trained in all aspects of design. We can help you with spatial planning, kitchens, bathrooms, and custom joinery, right down to those finishing touches.

Not understanding the order of works

This one is so important and needs to be considered with every renovation. I can’t tell you how many houses I have seen that have laid new floating floors, not realising the skirting has to come off first or you’re left with ugly capping. Or, here’s a kicker my OWN mother in law, installing a new kitchen and laying the floors later, only to end up with the same ugly capping. HEAD. DESK.

What not to do in a Renovation_australian interiors

Canning Cottage by Bicker Design

Having an unrealistic budget

Don’t just pluck a number out of the air and hope for the best. In my experience, you want to take that initial number and double it. Especially if you’re working on your kitchen and wet rooms.

Remember, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses and for good reason. They’re bloody expensive!

Feature image: Millswood House by Studio Gram

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