Why Having a Plan is so Important

Why having a plan is so important_australian interiors 2

When planning a renovation, plan is the most important word to keep in mind. Just as you wouldn’t drive from Sydney to Perth without a plan, starting a renovation without a road map could turn into a disaster. 

While designers will all have slightly different processes when doing a renovation, I can guarantee that every good designer will always take the time to start with a plan before jumping into demo mode. 

Today, I’ll share the top 3 things to plan before starting a Reno. 

Style / Look you are wanting to achieve 

This may sound really obvious, but it’s not as simple as deciding that you want a Hamptons inspired kitchen, or a bathroom that feels like a Balinese spa. The trick is to really decipher what it is you like about that particular look or style and pull out your favourite bits. What colours you are drawn to? What are your must have items? This will then give you a great base starting point for the project. Refer back to this plan as you make final selections to ensure you don’t stray from your vision. 

Bathroom by Maria Paiva Architect. Photography via Tao of Sophia

Timeline Management 

First of all be realistic! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should your kitchen or bathroom. With any renovation there is always a set order that needs to be followed and this is where it is so beneficial to use an expert to manage the various trades that will be required. They will be able to plan out for you when the plumber and electrician need to be on site, how long after waterproofing you can get the tiler in and will be able to guide you on a realistic estimate of the amount of time you will need to complete the project. You should also always buffer in a little extra time in case something happens along the way. An order may be delayed. You may discover damage or issues on site during the demolition. Or sometimes the work may just take a little longer than anticipated. Be patient and just know the wait will be worth it in the end. 

Why having a plan is so important_australian interiors 2

Image from Tessa Designs


The big, scary ‘B’ word… While this doesn’t necessarily have to be fixed (I’d usually recommend it’s not) it is so important to have a plan on how much you are able to spend and also how much flexibility you have should you need to stretch a little further. Without a budget I can guarantee you will spend much more than you originally planned and will reach a point of panic when you realise you have already allocated 80% of the budget to less than 50% of the items required. If you have no room for flexibility in your budget, then I suggest you aim to spend 80% leaving the left over for unforeseen expenses or for a little splurge when everything runs to plan. 

Below is an image of where the kitchen design has been kept clean and simple allowing the splurge Murano glass pendant light to be the hero of the space. 

Why having a plan is so important_australian interiors

Kitchen by Tricia Mancini, PMG Designs. Photography by Larry Pitt Photography

By having a very clear plan for each of these areas you will have much better chance of achieving your dream room. On time and on budget. Should you be looking for someone to guide you through a renovation, we have a directory full qualified designers that would be more than happy to work with you.

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